Baroness Edan Lowery and Baron Lochlainn hua Rigbarddain

Baronial Whims

Her Excellency has no known allergies. She enjoys dark chocolate, fruits (not particularly
berries) and vegetables. She drinks water mostly but will occasionally partake of various soft
drinks, with Cherry Coke being her favorite. She also loves iced coffees and enjoys
Woodchuck (not the forest animal but the hard cider). Her colors are Carolina Blue (Go
Heels!) and white and a blue Tudor Rose is her personal symbol.

His Excellency also has no known allergies. He enjoys the company of ALL creatures of the
forestů. especially when presented on his plate. He also enjoys fruits and nuts. He is
particularly fond of sweet tea, but knows the importance of water. His favorite adult
beverages are spiced rum and mead. His colors are Black and Silver, and a black Maltese Cross
is his personal symbol.

Prior Baronage

Katharine de la Vache and Torquil MacTaggart the Steadfast

Founding 2010-2015

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